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Wealth Adviser: Connecting Clients’ Financial Choices with Their Values
by Patrick Graham
June 10, 2015

Clients’ financial decisions often are disconnected from their values–supporting charities or the environment to having meaningful relationships with family and friends. But their financial advisers can take steps to repair that disconnect, says Colorado-based financial planner Danielle Howard. “Helping clients reconnect to their values and visualize how they correlate with their financial choices helps them stay interested and engaged…and more committed to a course of action,” she writes on Wealth Adviser at WSJ.com.


Technical indicator flashing caution. The S&P 500 may be approaching the so-called “Zone of Death,” but investors should be careful not to get ahead of the indicator, writes investing coach T. Erik Conley on MarketWatch. The death zone is based on the year-over-year percentage change of the index, he says, and currently it indicates a yellow flag. Still, Mr. Conley notes that it would be premature to take action at this point because the primary trend of the market is higher and the Fed is still supporting the risk-on trade.