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What is NoSpinFORECAST?

NoSpinFORECAST is a management resource tool designed to help you make better business and investment decisions by forecasting 9 months to one year ahead of the next business cycle turn. That means valuable foresight far enough ahead to make business and investment decisions before the next recession.


NoSpinFORECAST provides comprehensive charts of statistical data and in-depth analysis of current U.S. economic statistics in easily understandable monthly reports that allow readers to make better business and Financial decisions. Based on facts, not conjecture (thus “no spin”), our proven, proprietary economic model, Mr. Model, provides forecasts based on hard numbers, statistical information provided by the U.S. Government and other reliable resources.

What’s NEW?

Looking 9 Months Ahead

Looking 9 Months Ahead

NoSpinFORECAST is your eye in the sky, the over-the-horizon radar watching for the next turn in...

Timing is Everything

Timing is Everything

By using the four numbers we referred to earlier to produce the metric you see charted here. This...


“Having access to Bob’s breadth of knowledge is like having a walking talking Bloomberg terminal that anticipates your next question. What could be better!”

GREG JERZ YK, Investment Manager

“I find NoSpinFORECAST’s Economic Report, ‘Mr. Model’, to be the most consistently informative and entertaining economic report I read.”

ROBERT SULLIVAN , Individual Investor

“Given the smoke machines on Wall Street and in Washington, the clarity provided by NoSpinFORECAST is both welcome and essential.”

RICHARD RICE, CEO, March Capital Corp.

“Economics, particularly where we are at, and heading, in the economic cycle, affects sound business decisions and investment decisions… Dr. Bob Dieli’s NoSpinFORECAST is always pointed and right on the money.”

STEPHEN DRAKE, Purchasing Director, The Villages