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What is NoSpinFORECAST?

NoSpinFORECAST is a management resource tool designed to help you make better business and investment decisions by forecasting 9 months to one year ahead of the next business cycle turn. That means valuable foresight far enough ahead to make business and investment decisions before the next recession. LEARN MORE>>


NoSpinFORECAST provides comprehensive charts of statistical data and in-depth analysis of current U.S. economic statistics in easily understandable monthly reports that allow readers to make better business and Financial decisions. Based on facts, not conjecture (thus “no spin”), our proven, proprietary economic model, Mr. Model, provides forecasts based on hard numbers, statistical information provided by the U.S. Government and other reliable resources.

What’s NEW?

Looking 9 Months Ahead

Looking 9 Months Ahead

The Enhanced Aggregate Spread looks ahead with constant forecast horizon of nine months.  So, we...