NoSpinFORECAST is a management resource designed to help you make better business and investment decisions. Our proprietary economic model, Mr. Model, provides a forecast a year ahead, based on facts, not conjecture.

NoSpinFORECAST provides comprehensive charts of statistical data and in-depth analysis of current U.S. economic statistics in easily understandable monthly reports that allow readers to make better business and financial decisions. Based on facts, not conjecture – thus “no spin” – these reports are based on hard numbers, statistical information provided by the U.S. Government and other reliable resources.

Mr. Model / Aggregate Spread

Mr. Model is the name of NoSpinFORECAST’s economic forecasting tool that provides a look a year ahead. Formulated by Dr. Dieli in 1988, this economic model is based on facts, not conjecture, thus “no spin.” This model has accurately predicted the last 9 recessions. The data from this model is found in the Aggregate Spread charts that are part of NoSpinFORECAST’s reports.

“By the way, your work is excellent and immensely valuable. So glad Jeff at Dash of Insight sent me your way.”

– John Trapp
Individual Investor

“I find NoSpinFORECAST’s Economic Report, ‘Mr. Model’, to be the most consistently informative and entertaining economic report I read.”

– Robert Sullivan
Individual Investor



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