NoSpinFORECAST is a management resource designed to help you make better business and investment decisions. Our proprietary economic model, Mr. Model, provides a forecast a year ahead, based on facts, not conjecture.

NoSpinFORECAST provides comprehensive charts of statistical data and in-depth analysis of current U.S. economic statistics in easily understandable monthly reports that allow readers to make better business and financial decisions. Based on facts, not conjecture – thus “no spin” – these reports are based on hard numbers, statistical information provided by the U.S. Government and other reliable resources.

Mr. Model / Aggregate Spread

Mr. Model is the name of NoSpinFORECAST’s economic forecasting tool that provides a look a year ahead. Formulated by Dr. Dieli in 1988, this economic model is based on facts, not conjecture, thus “no spin.” This model has accurately predicted the last 9 recessions. The data from this model is found in the Aggregate Spread charts that are part of NoSpinFORECAST’s reports.





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