Weighing the Week Ahead: The Costly Quest for Fresh Fears


Jeff Miller featured Robert F. Dieli, PhD multiple times in his article from this past Sunday, April 22nd. Here are a couple of excerpts from Jeff Miller (OLDPROF):

  • Bob Dieli continues to deliver the best analysis of the business cycle. His monthly report is chock-full of data, analysis, and even some humor – if you are willing to go with economist jokes. Here is his current business cycle rating. You will not agree. Please note that he has been correct while almost everyone else has been wrong. The current expansion could have years to run.
    This analysis has helped me stay on the right side of the market for eight years. Serious investors and institutions should subscribe to his service. It is information and analysis you cannot get elsewhere. Those on a low budget get the benefit of the basic conclusion via the “C-Score” in the weekly indicator snapshot.
  • Yield curve inversion. So many who are rookies at recession forecasting are jumping on the yield curve inversion. Dr. Robert Dieli, the top expert on this topic, repeatedly warns not to forecast this signal. When it occurs, it will still provide lead time of about nine months. And it is more than just the yield curve. One must also consider the economic background and confirming indicators.

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