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The Dow goes up, the Dow goes down, and when the moves are big, the market noise can be deafening. Smart investment managers keep their heads and focus on the mid- to longer-term outlook, but the pressure of putting up good numbers quarter after quarter for demanding clients is intense. Clients want reassurance. Sometimes, you do too.

NoSpinFORECAST helps wealth managers look beyond daily fluctuations to the data that signals the economy’s direction. It cuts through all the chatter by factoring in a big picture view to help you assess risk and adjust asset allocations. It offers visibility a full year ahead.

Decisions such as whether to go long or short on the yield curve, whether to take profits or hold get easier when you know where key financial and economic indicators are likely to be over the next three quarters.

NoSpinFORECAST never tells you what to buy or sell. It offers a framework that helps you make smarter investment decisions. NoSpin provides a comprehensive review of the economic situation by looking at all the major indicators and discussing market-driving topics.

NoSpinFORECAST is based entirely on facts, not hunches, using a proprietary statistical model that accurately predicted the economy’s peaks and bottoms over the last 56 years. A key proprietary statistic that signals business cycle changes—the Aggregate Spread–is computed and reported monthly using inflation, unemployment, Treasury bond and Federal Fund rates.

NoSpinFORECAST’s founder, economist Robert Dieli, delivers the forecast in readable reports with charts and commentary, including a chart package suitable for use in briefing clients. Dieli sticks with the numbers and the important relationships among them.

Look past the market noise to hard facts, not conjecture. No spin. Ever.

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– Richard Rice
CEO, March Capital Corp.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1509678396352{padding-top: 20px !important;padding-bottom: 20px !important;}”]”Having NoSpinFORECAST as a resource makes us better decision-makers for our clients and our business!”

– Richard A. Middleton
Managing Principal, Pacific Management Consulting Group