Business Managers

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Whether you own a company or make key decisions for one, you never want to be caught by surprise at the end of a reporting cycle. You keep a firm grasp on how your enterprise is performing by closely monitoring your company’s key metrics against projections.

You also keep tabs on what your competitors are doing and your industry’s outlook. You scan the horizon for disruptive changes.

But staying on top of company and industry performance isn’t enough. Smart executives also assess the bigger picture. They look for guidance about whether the economy is poised for expansion or recession—ideally, far enough ahead to do something about it.

Decisions about whether and when to add workers or hire temporary help, buy or lease equipment, borrow or pare debt become easier when executives know where key financial and economic indicators are likely to be over the next three quarters.

NoSpinFORECAST offers just such insight. NoSpin goes beyond the daily headlines to the latest numbers that signal the economy’s direction. It cuts through all the chatter to offer visibility a full year ahead.

NoSpin’s forecast provides a framework for smarter decisions by  providing a comprehensive overview of the macro-economic situation, reviewing all the major U.S. indicators and where they’re headed.

NoSpinFORECAST is based entirely on facts, not hunches. It relies on a proprietary statistical model that accurately predicted the economy’s peaks and bottoms over the last 56 years. A key proprietary statistic that signals business cycle changes—the Aggregate Spread — is computed and reported monthly using inflation, unemployment, Treasury bond and Federal Fund rates.

NoSpinFORECAST’s founder, economist Robert F. Dieli, Ph.D.,  delivers the forecast in readable reports with charts and commentary, including a chart package suitable for briefing C-level executives. Dieli sticks with the numbers and the important relationships among them.

Get the inside track on where the economy will be three quarters from now. Hard facts, not conjecture. No spin. Ever.

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– Stephen Drake
Purchasing Director, The Villages

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“Given the smoke machines on Wall Street and in Washington, the clarity provided by NoSpinFORECAST is both welcome and essential.”

– Richard Rice
CEO, March Capital Corp.