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Are you a decision-maker who runs a business or manages money for yourself or someone else?

If so, a critical element of your knowledge base is to know whether a recession or an expansion is coming your way. NoSpinFORECAST tells you that by eliminating most of the uncertainty about the direction in which the economy is headed. With accuracy based on statistics, NoSpinFORECAST creates the clearest, most understandable picture of economic conditions for the next three quarters. Time enough to enable you to do something about it.

Early Knowledge is Profit

An old adage is “Knowledge is power”.  In the case of NoSpinFORECAST, we can modify that to “Early knowledge is profit”.

The Phases of the Business Cycle

The scoreboard gives a football coach down and distance. That information, and the best scouting reports in the business, gives them the knowledge to make intelligent game decisions about tactics and strategy. NoSpinFORECAST gives you business cycle “down and distance” and the most precise economic scouting report about business conditions nine months from now.

NoSpinFORECAST predicts business cycle peaks and troughs and does so with unequaled accuracy. NoSpinFORECAST predicted that the 1990 and 2001 recessions would be short and shallow and they were exactly that. It correctly predicted that the recessions of 1975, 1981 and 2007 would be long and deep. For the past 56 years its predictions have been extremely accurate.

How can an economic forecasting tool possibly be so consistently accurate over half a century?

Simple: the forecasts are based solely on hard economic numbers from government agencies. No assumptions, no spinning, no wishful thinking. NoSpinFORECAST has no connection to any brokerage, so has no need to spin the outlook to get you to buy stock. And we have no political agenda. The forecasts are based on the facts.

Learn how NoSpinFORECAST works:
What did they know, and when did they know it?

Aggregate Spread

Aggregate Spread

The Aggregate Spread is the key statistic in NoSpinFORECAST’s monthly analyses of business cycle conditions. The down and distance and the scouting report about where we are going are contained in a series of charts displaying the foundation on which the forecasts are built. NoSpinFORECAST gives you the entire forecasting record for the past.

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