About Mr. Model

What is Mr. Model?
Mr. Model is forecasting tool designed to provide advance warning of changes in the business cycle.

What does this forecasting tool do?
Mr. Model predicts business cycle peaks and troughs and does so with unequaled accuracy. Mr. Model’s analyses can help eliminate uncertainty about the direction the economy is headed. Based on fact, not assumptions, Mr. Model creates the clearest, most understandable picture of the conditions in the financial and business markets for the next nine months.

Who would use Mr. Model?
Any decision-maker who runs a business or manages money for yourself or someone else.

What reports do you publish? How often do you publish them?
Each month Mr. Model publishes three reports:
The Employment Situation: covering the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Prospects and Perspectives: a detailed briefing on current conditions and key leading indicators.

Overview and Outlook: a shorter version of the Prospects and Perspectives Report.

I don’t speak “Economics.” Will I be able to understand the reports?
Yes. Mr. Model does not use jargon or technical language. As a subscriber, you will have access to a tutorial section that provides detailed explanations of all of the charts used in the presentations. You will also have access to a glossary that explains economic and financial terms in plain English. Most importantly, as a subscriber you can contact us directly for answers to any questions you may have.

Does Mr. Model offer investment advice?
No. Mr. Model is not an investment advisor. Mr. Model provides you with information with which to interpret investment advice. We will never tell you what to buy or sell.

Subscription Information

Do you take orders by mail?
We certainly do. If you would like to pay via check or money order rather than by credit card over the Internet, please use the Pay by Mail option in the subscription section.

Can I receive the reports through the mail instead of electronically?
We can mail the reports. There is an extra charge for this service. Contact us for further information.

Will I get solicitations if I become a subscriber?
No. Mr. Model does not sell or rent subscriber information to anyone for any purpose.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like Mr. Model?
Mr. Model will refund your investment if you are not fully satisfied. We recommend that you download our free sample prior to ordering a subscription.

Technical Information

I forget my username and password. How can I access my account?
If you forget your username or password, contact us and we’ll forward the information to you.

I can’t open the reports. What is wrong?
You likely need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

I have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed, but I still can’t open the reports. What should I do?
If you’re using Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options. Under the heading “Temporary Internet Files,” select “Delete Files.” Check the box labeled “Delete all offline content” and click “OK.” This should enable you to download the report without conflicts.

You can also select “Save” when downloading the PDF file to save the report to your hard drive. Once you’ve saved the file, start the Adobe Reader program and open the report. If you still experience difficulty opening the reports, please contact us.