The painting you saw is called La Clairvoyance, and it is used with the permission, secured by a fee, of the Artists Rights Society.  Please do not reproduce it.

The painting is here for two reasons:

The first was to get you stop and click.  If you are reading this, it appears we have succeeded.

The second is introduce you to a different way of forecasting the economy.

Magritte produced La Clairvoyance in 1936, an oil on canvas painting that features a self-portrait of the artist painting a bird using an unhatched egg as his point of reference. The unhatched egg suggests that he is painting the potential, the future, rather than what is directly in front of him.

The method NoSpinFORECAST will show you uses four numbers from the present that produce a metric which allows us to determine the current and future phases of the business cycle.